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25 Sep 2013

A Ticket to Los Santos

If there’s one videogame that’s demanded attention recently, it’s Grand Theft Auto V. Whether you love Rockstar’s exploration of the criminal underworld, or loathe the fictional world they created, it’s undeniably been the catalyst for a massive amount of opinion. … Continue reading

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10 Sep 2013

Fork in the Road

Some big changes are afoot. After nearly two years of writing features, conducting interviews and reporting news, I’m leaving ZAM at the end of the week. There are a handful of interviews from Gamescom to wrap up beforehand though, so … Continue reading

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7 Jun 2012

Extended Hiatus

It’s tough to write posts like this, but here goes: Mana Obscura is going on extended hiatus. After two years of having a great time discussing opinions and sharing ideas about MMOs and online gaming, it’s time for me to … Continue reading

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1 Mar 2012

And Now We Are Two

Another year, another anniversary! It’s now been two years since I started Mana Obscura, intending to share my views on mages in World of Warcraft. Since then it’s been an adventure through several different MMOs, from Lord of the Rings … Continue reading

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29 Jan 2012

Getting Started with MMO Blogging

In the time since I started blogging about MMOs, I’ve learned a huge amount about writing, sharing and being part of a staggeringly huge community. In many respects though I’m still a noob, bumbling around and making mistakes. Things like … Continue reading

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