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3 Oct 2013

PlayStation 4: A Console for MMO Gamers?

About 5 months ago, I made the decision to preorder a PlayStation 4. Some of you might see that as a bold or brave choice, while others might think that it’s ridiculous or short-sighted. A few might even wonder why, … Continue reading

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17 May 2013

WildStar: The Flying Mount Frenzy

In the main, WildStar’s development is going smoothly. Led by a team of veterans who have worked on almost every MMO released, the Orange County developer hasn’t put a foot wrong. Every decision they’ve made has been warmly welcomed by … Continue reading

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26 Aug 2012

The Launch Day Blues

When was the last time you saw an MMO launch that went off without a hitch? From login issues preventing access, to major functions being disabled, it seems that almost every modern MMO has a rocky start in life. Even … Continue reading

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29 May 2012

Gaming: The Journey to Service Saturation

I’m going to start with a bit of a history lesson. Back when I was a kid, we used to go to the games store and buy a cassette tape. We’d take it home, play it into the machine, and … Continue reading

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15 May 2012

“I’ll Wait Till It’s Free”

When I started playing MMOs, it seemed that the genre was split into two camps. Subscription based games were seen as champions of quality, coupled with legendary customer service. By contrast, free to play games were looked down upon with … Continue reading

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