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18 Sep 2014

The Value of Opinion

There’s a whole bag of controversy raging around the internet of late. Of subjectivity versus objectivity, of fact versus opinion, of divergence versus convergence. Who should write about games, what should they be allowed to say, what should even be … Continue reading

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20 Nov 2013

Luxuria Superbia: A Fontaine Fondle

I’ve never wanted to wash my hands after playing an iPad game. That is, until I’d played Luxuria Superbia. At first glance it reminded me of rhythm roller-coaster Audiosurf, although perhaps with a seedy seventies vibe. The truth, it turns … Continue reading

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10 Oct 2013

Free to Play: Myth or Miracle?

It’s become almost a perennial tale: an MMO in distress makes the switch to free-to-play and becomes instantly successful. But, without hard numbers, it’s been difficult to appreciate just how much a difference it can make. That has now changed. … Continue reading

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8 Oct 2013

Upgrade Season

Just over two years ago, I built a PC that would be able to play the ‘next generation’ of MMOs. It was a silly notion considering that, at the time, I didn’t have an idea what next generation truly meant. … Continue reading

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3 Oct 2013

A Peek Inside The Room Two

When it first launched, The Room caught me by surprise. As the debut title of an unknown studio, the carefully paced puzzle game brought a fresh experience to the iPad. But there was something more to it: an intricate tale … Continue reading

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