About The Obscurecast

The Obscurecast is a bit of an experiment.

Cobbled together by two British blokes, some Skype and a bit of technical dohickery, The Obscurecast is a quasi-weekly creation that discusses World of Warcraft. We aim to provide an alternative and interesting viewpoint on the week’s gaming news, as well as a weekly topic and a roundup of the various in-game happenings.

All this gets bundled up in our own blend of humour, wit and banter in order to produce a (usually) one hour long show. We also have the occasional guest to expand upon particular topics.

Always random, often chaotic and sometimes even funny.

Getting The Obscurecast

You can listen to the podcast directly from the site – just wait for the latest episode to be posted then use the built-in player to stream it directly to you. Easy!

You can also subscribe to our podcast and never miss another episode.

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Give us feedback!

We always want to know what you think of our little creation, and love to hear your feedback. You can either leave us a review on iTunes or sililar, or drop us a mail at obscurecast@manaobscura.com. You can even leave a comment here or on one of the episode pages, if you like. Whatever way is easiest for you.

We also have a little forum tucked away that you can use to discuss ideas with us, if you prefer.

Thanks for listening!

2 Responses to About The Obscurecast

  1. Michal says:

    Although I’m fairly new to WoW and a mere colonial, I absolutely love this podcast! Host Gaz & co-host Stu have such a dynamic chemistry and “The Obscurecast” is informative, engaging and clever. I appreciate listening to these two well-spoken individuals who bring different personalities, gaming experience, knowledgeable opinions and witty banter to the table! I thoroughly enjoy the unique “This Week’s Obscurity” segment of the podcast where Gaz & Stu discuss a carefully chosen topic relevant to the gaming world. I enjoy this podcast so much that I donated at http://www.ManaObscura.com and I encourage other listeners to do the same! However, my weak American $20 may only buy Gaz a cup of strong coffee and Stu a glass of cheap vodka- and that’s only if I’m lucky! Let’s hope the conversion rate improves but until then, keep up the great work! I hope to listen to this podcast for many episode to come!

  2. Michal says:

    Type correction: “…many episodes* to come.”