14 Oct 2015

WildStar Free-to-Play Competition – The Winners!

Wow, that was hard. My recent WildStar competition earned a flurry of responses, both in the comments and by email. And so many of them were very, very good – it made choosing winners very difficult. But winners had to be chosen, and so here they are.

First Place – OxTube

I said that submissions could be in almost any form, but I wasn’t expecting a good quality video. And the tip – about timing interrupts to get that moment of opportunity – is very, very WildStar.

Second Place – Themos

WildStar, unlike many MMOs, embraces the ability for players to socialise. There’s guilds and circles to form more permanent bonds, ship hands and expeditions for flexible groups, and even open-world combat encourages teaming-up. But, beyond that, it’s the close-knit megaserver-focused community that deserves special mention:

This is my ultimate tip for every player of Wildstar: Socialize :D. Yes, simple as that. It may sound a bit dumb but that’s how you will get hooked on Wildstar. Many mmos have great combat, challenging encounters, awesome graphics and many players to play with.. but only Wildstar has such a kind and gracious community. Whatever problems you might have, Nexus citizens will always be there to help. They will guide you, they will help you become stronger, they will give you tips for surviving on this dangerous planet and best of all.. you will have fun playing with them. So as soon as you step your foot on Nexus, don’t hesitate to talk to others or ask for advice. (As for me I made some awesome friends on Nexus.. and thanks to them I am enjoying this great game more than ever). So that’s my tip. Go out there and communicate with others! Nexus is a dangerous place for solitary adventurers after all.

Third Place – Xokako

No other MMO has combat quite like WildStar’s, and it takes some getting used to. Even more vital is understanding how it works, and how ability and AMP choices have an impact. Following a guide can give a quick shortcut, but there’s no substitute for that precious knowledge:

My advice to everyone with or without experience is not to blindly follow a rotation/priority system because you saw it in a guide. Don’t get me wrong it’s good that you read up and search for others opinion, but test it always and be brave to experiment. I’ve been lucky enough to get on a guild with players with such mentality and over all my MMO experience this is by far the most fun I’ve been having, from discussing the build, to test and compare it on dozens of parses.

Fourth Place – Allarius

This doesn’t just apply to runecrafting, but to almost all crafting professions (particularly tailors). If you’re not going to use something, salvage it. Save vendor trash for junk that can’t be broken down into something useful.

Savlage everything. Don’t sell any piece of gear you get just salvage. You will thank me when you start runing your gear.

Thanks again to everyone who took part. Fingers crossed, I’ll be running more competitions again soon!

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