25 Sep 2013

A Ticket to Los Santos


If there’s one videogame that’s demanded attention recently, it’s Grand Theft Auto V. Whether you love Rockstar’s exploration of the criminal underworld, or loathe the fictional world they created, it’s undeniably been the catalyst for a massive amount of opinion. Whether you’re interested in game design, interactive narrative or just games as art, GTA V has a huge amount to offer.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been reading the blog lately, things have been a little tight around Gaz Towers. I was expecting Grand Theft Auto V to be something I’d miss out on, eventually picking it up in the bargain bin some six months down the line.

Luckily, the very kind folks over at MusicMagpie offered to send me a copy free of charge, allowing me to get playing and start joining in with those discussions. Courtesy of them, I’ll be able to share my thoughts on the game very soon.

It’s not every day you get mailed a ticket to some exotic location, and I can’t wait to get started. Huge thanks to MusicMagpie for helping me in my time of need!

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