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26 Sep 2013

WildStar: The Combat Special Sauce

How do you make a combat sandwich? For Carbine, you start off with some freshly baked Movement bread, add a couple of slices of Aiming meat and some delicious Crowd Control cheese. But a signature dish isn’t complete without special … Continue reading

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25 Sep 2013

WildStar: Ship Shape with Shiphands

If you think that dungeons and raids are the only instances you’ll find in WildStar, prepare to be corrected. A few weeks ago, WildStar content designer and zone lead Kristen “Caydiem” DeMeza posted on the WildStar Central forums about a … Continue reading

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25 Sep 2013

A Ticket to Los Santos

If there’s one videogame that’s demanded attention recently, it’s Grand Theft Auto V. Whether you love Rockstar’s exploration of the criminal underworld, or loathe the fictional world they created, it’s undeniably been the catalyst for a massive amount of opinion. … Continue reading

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16 Sep 2013

Crafting and CREDD

Have you ever heard of the tale about the everlasting fan belt? The story starts with a small inventor who became frustrated at high garage bills for maintaining his car. Every time he visited for a seemingly minor problem, the … Continue reading

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11 Sep 2013

Powering a Million Idiot March

Raiding is serious business. For the hardcore guilds at the bleeding edge they’re an all-consuming endeavour. But what if, every month or so, they became a chaotic lemming-fest? That’s the thought behind WildStar’s Million Idiot March, a ‘special weekend’ idea … Continue reading

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