8 Mar 2012

Sub-Humans and the Shallow End of Gaming

I know that a couple of other bloggers have mentioned this, but I think its important that as many people as possible read about this shocking tale.

Apple Cider Mage is a blogger that I’ve followed on numerous occasions. I’ve had a laugh talking with her on the Obscurecast podcast a few years ago, and as a fellow Mage blogger I’ve enjoyed reading her insight into the class. She writes with strength, conviction and passion and is an absolute joy to read.

She’s also been subjected to an ongoing campaign of harassment from a single person. For years, Apple Cider Mage has been the victim of abuse so bad that she’s been forced to take out a restraining order. Her tale of trying to fight against one man is frankly staggering and I seriously encourage you to read it. She’s shown tremendous strength and courage by continuing to blog in the face of it all, as well as posting about her ordeal. If you do a single thing today I’d ask that you read her tale and give her your support.

Standing beside someone who is being harassed like Apple Cider Mage is not an easy thing, but I implore you to do it in support of stamping out this kind of abusive behaviour. I’ve been on the receiving end of his crude tongue myself for daring to stand up for her, and you might make yourself a target for his particular brand of hatred too. But it needs to be done.

The guy tormenting Apple Cider Mage is a sick individual that needs professional help to protect himself from the ramifications of his actions. He simply cannot be allowed to continue spewing his hatred, not against her and not against anyone else. Society needs protecting from his abhorrent compulsion, not just the online gaming community.

The incredible thing about this is that Apple Cider Mage hasn’t given up: instead she’s put together a guide on how to deal with in-game harassment, including how to approach GMs and what kind of information to record. It’s something that every gamer should read just in case it starts happening to you.

Putting yourself on the internet shouldn’t make you a target for harassment. Apple Cider Mage must be allowed to carry out her online life without having to live in fear and intimidation. Show her your support.

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8 Responses to Sub-Humans and the Shallow End of Gaming

  1. He already tried contacting me on Twitter, for which I insulted and reported him.

    Her case brought back memories of being harassed on the server where I played with you, Gaz, where I was harassed by two men for not agreeing to meet or date them. They claimed it was just tradechat trolling for lulz. GMs did nothing ofc.

    I’m lucky that after my last offline incident, my guild and gaming friends were so supportive, however I do get absolutely livid when I see pug gamers suggest another less able player should be raped for his mistakes. Gross.

    • Gazimoff says:

      I think that a change needs to happen within gaming culture, and there are signs that it’s already starting to happen. The more we push against this kind of behaviour, the less likely it is to happen. It’s just going to be a hard slog getting there.

      • thade says:

        Riot with their Tribunal in League of Legends is so far an admirable step in this direction. Players have been itching to take a stand for a while now; all we need are devs/companies to give us the tools we need.

  2. Barryhn says:

    the support Apple has been getting from the blogging community is great, I’d never read her before today, but she’s on my google reader now and I find myself wondering what I’ve missed all this time. BBB wrote a post about her article as well, and her post has so many comments of support. It renews my faith in the wow community to stand together, though it takes a tragic tale to highlight that.

    nothing but respect for her, and the other bloggers who are standing with her. Kudos to you Gaz for joining the ranks 🙂

    Take care

  3. dwism says:

    What a cunt.. erhm the harrasser of course.
    And on this day of international womens day, I think is a great day for her to start fighting back the only way you really can. By keeping on. It’s the hardest thing you can do, ignoring/reporting and just going on. Not getting sucked into their void of calling names and insulting. Because when you do, you loose.
    So kudos to Applecider-mage.

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