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27 Jul 2011

A House of Cards

If you’ve played World of Warcraft for any reasonable length of time you’ll have seen people riding around on giant chickens or single seater rockets. You may even have seen someone mounted on a translucent tiger, proudly showing off in … Continue reading

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14 Jul 2011

Tired of MMOs?

There’s been a discussion kicking around Twitter for the past week or so, which seemed to end up with a single question. I think it was probably best said by Wolfshead: “is there anything left to say about today’s MMOs … Continue reading

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11 Jul 2011

Managing Guild Change

“All the world’s a game, And all the men and women merely gamers” With apologies to William Shakespeare This is a tough subject for me and one that comes from recent experience. You see, it’s about how guilds change and … Continue reading

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2 Jul 2011

The Infinite Trial

I find it funny how the word “trial” can be taken in two ways. There’s the positive side – being able to sample something or try it out before you commit to it. After all, we all want something for … Continue reading

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