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30 Apr 2011

Designing My Own MMO

A while back I was challenged on Twitter to design my own MMO. I can’t remember exactly who threw down that gauntlet, but I have a feeling it was Razorbug. In the weeks that have passed I’ve been kicking the … Continue reading

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25 Apr 2011

Playing Cards at the Carnival

Confession time: I like to take my time when levelling characters. I’ve tried levelling at breakneck speed and it just isn’t for me. Nowadays I prefer to take things at my own pace – I have a bunch of alts … Continue reading

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21 Apr 2011

Mages & PvP – Fun, Lethal, or Both?

This guest post is from Bordy, a veteran player of games and dealer in lethal puns. You can find his unique brand of humour on Twitter @snuffleorc I have played WoW since the retail release. Gazimoff is the one to … Continue reading

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14 Apr 2011

Cheering the Armchair Designer

The Warcraft community is huge. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people writing, drawing, sharing or discussing something about the game every single day. That’s a staggering amount of people all talking about one game made by a single … Continue reading

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10 Apr 2011

Bribes, Karma and Recommendations

Patch 4.1 is approaching, although when it’ll actually arrive is currently anyone’s guess. Content and changes are being crammed in on a regular basis, making predicting the arrival date sheer guesswork at the moment. Call to Arms is one of … Continue reading

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