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7 Mar 2011

Caster Legendary Staff: The Lowdown

UPDATE: I’ve done a big roundup of all the most important news relating to Dragonwrath, along with a guide on how to make sure you get one as quickly as possible. You can find all this and more here! It’s … Continue reading

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4 Mar 2011

What Cataclysm Means to World PVP

This guest post is from Bordy, a longtime friend who doesn’t have a blog of his own and so decided to use mine. You can find him on Twitter @snuffleorc. Who among us Vanilla Veterans does not look fondly back … Continue reading

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2 Mar 2011

One Year Old!

I’m not usually one to celebrate milestones, but I think this one is worth sharing – Mana Obscura has made it to it’s first anniversary! It’s taken a fair bit of work to get this far, but it’s also been … Continue reading

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