31 Jan 2011

Magic Mondays

Dalaran City concept art

This is a bit of an idea. You see, I’m notoriously poor at doing two things: keeping lists updated and sharing some of the great stuff I’ve found that’s been created by others. I’m told that routine helps – put together a plan of what you want to do, then do it on a regular basis. Et voilà, the routine becomes clockwork and you solve the problem. Répétez, as my French teacher used to say.

So what’s the plan? The idea is that I’ll make a post on Mondays with a list of all the new mage resources I’ve managed to find and all the cool stuff I’d like to share. No promises that it’ll be every Monday, but if I have something to share then it’ll be here.

Mage Resources

I’ve added these articles to the Mage Resources page recently:

  • Psynister has started some great guides recently. There’s a 1-29 levelling guide for both Fire and Frost. He’s also done guides for levelling Enchanting and Alchemy, two popular professions for Mages. Finally he’s also produced a handy map showing all the zone level ranges, so if you want to plot a course for your new mage you can!
  • ArcaneTinkerTank has produced a handy Fire hover macro. This is useful at the moment because it allows Fire mages to maintain a fixed amount of mana until Evocation becomes available again. I’m not sure if it’ll still be needed in 4.0.6 with the mana cost changes, but for now it’s very useful.
  • Arcane Explosion is an old blog that’s recently been added to the list of active mage blogs. If you know of one not on the list then let me know!

Elsewhere in the Blogsphere

  • I’ve been back behind the microphone recording the second season of Obscurecast with Pewter. Head over there, have a listen and enter the Competition with No Name and No Prizes (Yet).
  • Pewter’s also put together a great list of trinkets for Elemental Shaman. It’s not immediately obvious, but this list is also pretty helpful for Mages as well. Go have a look and start building that wishlist!
  • Nhani has a little known but stunning blog called Thoughts for Food that features high detail renders of her character models. The work she puts in character expression and poses is really incredible. Take a look!

Also Playing

Apart from Warcraft, I’ve also been in the Rift Beta 5. I’ve been playing a Mage Pyromancer, which has been an interesting experience. I’ll be putting up a full opinion on the game soon, but things feel promising.

I’m hoping to get stuck into Magicka soon as well. It feels like the type of game I’d enjoy, with a really detailed spellcasting system. The only thing that’s putting me off are the horror stories about having no save game ability. Come on guys, Checkpoints went out with Outrun back in the early nineties!

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4 Responses to Magic Mondays

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  2. Pahonix says:

    I also played the Rift Beta 5 for one night as a Pyromancer/Elementalist. I wanted to do a direct comparison to my fire mage in WoW and I thought things went pretty well. I’m very much looking forward to the next beta event as well as your post on it.

  3. Prelimar says:

    ohh, i like that you’re going to do this. you mentioned the murloc parliament link on twitter over the weekend, and i’m trying it out now. it seemed quite helpful in heroic Vortex Pinnacle. : )

  4. Great article, I’ve played for a bit but magic, is well magic.
    Keep up the Magic Mondays!

    – Jessica
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