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31 Jan 2011

Magic Mondays

This is a bit of an idea. You see, I’m notoriously poor at doing two things: keeping lists updated and sharing some of the great stuff I’ve found that’s been created by others. I’m told that routine helps – put … Continue reading

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28 Jan 2011

Encounters That Rock!

There’s a great shared topic over at BlogAzeroth right now: Naithin asks what causes an encounter to ‘click’ in our minds. When do we reach that point when a boss fight switches from being a difficult challenge to possible, then … Continue reading

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26 Jan 2011

Reader Q: From Arcane to Fire

I recently got a reader email asking for some advice with improving their fire spec. I love getting messages like this as it gives me a chance to help someone out and get geeky about my favourite spec at the … Continue reading

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22 Jan 2011

5 Ways to Help The Warcraft Community

I was flicking through the list of recent blue posts when I came across this little gem on the EU forums. Turns out that there’s a lot of thread deletion going on, particularly when a topic gets derailed or descends … Continue reading

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21 Jan 2011

Mages and Patch 4.0.6

It’s about a month and a half since Cataclysm was released. In that time we’ve seen a flurry of tweaks, changes and hotfixes to some of the biggest bugs in the game. Not everything can be fixed with a hotfix … Continue reading

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