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26 Nov 2010

Taking Better Screenshots

This is a bit of a follow-on from my old-world screenshot post a few days ago. I was unhappy with the quality of many of the images I’d taken – I was getting horrible JPEG artefacts, especially in images with … Continue reading

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24 Nov 2010

Last Chance To See

As is tradition, the US servers are patched a day before those in the EU. This week was no exception, as we saw our cousins across the pond upgraded to 4.0.3a before us. This patch brings with it the changes … Continue reading

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19 Nov 2010

The Machine Behind The Curtain

I’m going to start this off with a question. Does the amount of fun you have with Warcraft decrease as the amount you know about the game increases? I’ve been thinking about this question ever since I read an article … Continue reading

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15 Nov 2010

Mage Tier 11 Preview

With the new Cataclysm raids comes a new set of armour for Mages to drool over. The Firelord’s Vestments have certainly won praise for their looks, but how does it stack up as a fully-fledged dungeon set? Will the complete … Continue reading

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10 Nov 2010

The Lament of Lost Adventures

Buried in both Greek and Roman mythology is the tale of a lone hero facing impossible odds in order to complete twelve incredible tasks. The tale of the Labours of Hercules is of truly epic proportions, describing how a single … Continue reading

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