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31 Jul 2010

The Beta Mage

With a bit of luck, coupled with the generosity of those fine people at Curse and World of Raids, I’ve managed to get into the Cataclysm beta! If you’re interested to know what I’ll be covering then please take a … Continue reading

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26 Jul 2010

A Good Beta Tester?

I started writing this topic in response to a blue post from Ghostcrawler. It seems that while the beta programme is proceeding at pace, the quality of feedback they’re getting is dropping. Rather than trying to paraphrase the Crab himself, … Continue reading

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24 Jul 2010

Mage Community Forums Now Live

You asked for it, so here it is. After an overwhelming response from the community, both in the original blogpost and elsewhere on the web (see here, here and here) I’ve gone and put together a set of forums for … Continue reading

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21 Jul 2010

Calling All Mages!

There’s been an idea that I’ve seen kicked around Twitter a couple of times, but I’ve not seen anything come of it. It bubbled up again in the middle of the RealID Forum fiasco, but went quiet after Blizzard changed … Continue reading

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20 Jul 2010

Games Within Games Within Games

I used to exclusively play single-player games, drifting from title to title from month to month. After I’d finished eating through the content that the developers had created, the game was finished for me. Achievements or multiplayer modes didn’t exist … Continue reading

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