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27 Jun 2010

The Pre-Raid Credit Check

There’s been a rash of this going on in the Trade channel on almost every single server I know of. You’ve probably seen it yourself – the type of person that asks for ridiculously high requirements purely in order to … Continue reading

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26 Jun 2010

Review – Warcraft: MAGE

Expanding on an initial series of manga exploring some of the stories and myths  in the Warcraft universe, Blizzard have moved on to produce a series of books focusing on the ten in-game classes. Published by the popular Manga form … Continue reading

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23 Jun 2010

Scorched Fingers

Earlier on in the week I put up an article about going back to my old fire spec on my mage. It was basically a brain dump – this is what I’m doing, this is how it works, this is … Continue reading

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21 Jun 2010

The Flaming Boomerang

Ever since patch 3.3.3 was released I’ve been thinking of switching back to my Fire spec. It made me  feel nostalgic about the early days of Warcraft, where I originally levelled as a fire mage. I only deviated from this … Continue reading

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16 Jun 2010


Every so often I come up with this idea that seems really amazing in theory, but incredibly dorky in practice. Like the Gnomish Mage’s Mana Pie. This image by me is free for you to reuse under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Yes, … Continue reading

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