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26 Apr 2010

An Interlude, with Music and Ice-Cream

There’s going to be an intermission at The Mana Obscura over the next week or so. Don’t worry though, normal service will resume on roughly 9th May give or take a few days either way. And to put your minds … Continue reading

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25 Apr 2010

Getting Time To React

One of the things that I’ve seen thrown around lately is how reaction times are going to become important in Cataclysm. It’s not enough to have phased fights where a boss might require you to change tactics three or four … Continue reading

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23 Apr 2010

The Dying High Street Retailer

Back when I was a kid, my dad used to take me shopping for videogames. I can only half-remember the store – a brightly lit and almost empty room with shelving lining the walls and and a small island with … Continue reading

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21 Apr 2010

The Final Night Raiders Club

I’ve been neglecting my guild over the last month, only managing to sign up for a couple of raids. I don’t know what my schedule’s going to be like from one day to the next, which makes it planning pretty … Continue reading

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20 Apr 2010

A Snipe at the Socials

I was out at a bar recently with a few friends, discussing the many trials and difficulties endured by Warcraft players today… Heck, who am I trying to kid – my fiancee and her sister were trying to tie fairy … Continue reading

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