1 Mar 2010

Hello and Welcome!

Yes, welcome indeed to The Mana Obscura. This little blog is to hold my inane ramblings, random outbursts and illogical rants on all things gaming.

Why Mana Obscura? Well, a lot of these games have spellcasters of one form or another. Mages, Warlocks and Priests to name a few. And I end up playing spellcasters. A lot.

Like many gamers, I talk with my friends a fair bit about the games that I’m playing, either with what’s been going on in them or what new stuff’s coming out. There’s also a chunk about the stuff I’m doing in-game, from the basics through to high-end content. I also talk about the classes I play, either discussing how the mechanics differ from one game to another or how a particular character works. There’s a lot of talk here, but it tends to only stick with a small group of people, so I decided to start blogging about it.

It’ll have a heavy World of Warcraft bias, but will also include other games that I’m playing from time to time. It’ll also include stuff that might not strictly be Caster related, but that I think is either interesting or cool.

This place will be updated randomly as I have time and as new things come up. Don’t count on me posting daily, but you can expect a comment from me whenever something interesting is going on.

It’s also a comments-open thing, so if you have something to share (or if you think I’m talking a load of crap) then feel free to sound off.

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2 Responses to Hello and Welcome!

  1. Larísa says:

    You’ve got TWO gnome mages?! That’s absolutely awesome.

    A big welcome to the blogsphere as a writer. I hope you’ll find blogging as fun as I do. Been doing this for 2 years now, still going on….

  2. Gazimoff says:

    Thanks for the welcome, I very much appreciate it!

    I think it’ll be great fun to share what I’m thinking. My only fear is getting the “cranky old man” syndrome and writing about how everything is wrong or broken or needs fixing. I’d like to give people something funny and entertaining to read as well!